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COSCA Trails Are Now Open For Weekend Use!


COSCA trails are now open on weekends. Trailhead parking lots, except for the lot in Hill Canyon, remain temporarily closed.


The change in policy is being implemented based on the reopening of other outdoor areas in Ventura and Los Angeles Counties. Starting May 9th, some, but not all, trails will be open in Los Angeles County, making more trails available regionally. Additional Ventura County trails are also expected to open. Making more outdoor space available meets community needs related to physical and mental health and provides additional outdoor space where residents can enjoy nature while maintaining required social distance.


COSCA reminds visitors that the coronavirus will remain in our community for an extended time, and this is not the end of social distancing and County health orders. Visitors must take responsibility for their personal and community safety when out in public. Compliance with the Ventura County Stay Well at Home Order, as well as posted COSCA directives and recommendations, are essential to this effort.


Please see the Press Release for further information about Visitor Requirements and Recommendations.


Questions About Fire Safety?

Please visit our new Fire Safety page (also accessible under the Resources tab) to read an FAQ, learn more about our management approach, and access additional fire information resources.


COSCA Board of Directors Meeting

The next regular COSCA Board of Directors will be May 13, 2020 at 6:00 p.m. in the Civic Arts Plaza Board Room.  The agenda will be accessible here.


Wildwood Update 2019

Read more here about what COSCA is working on.




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