Panorama of Conejo Valley showing open space and trails

Mountain Lions

Mountain Lion Awareness

Conejo open space areas provide habitat and movement corridors for many species, including mountain lions. As these cats occasionally make their presence known to our open space neighbors, we're providing the information below about mountain lions as well as how to keep livestock safe. If you'd like to learn about hiking in mountain lion habitat, see our Trail Safety page.

The mountain lion has a long tail, while the bobcat has a short tail, and bobcats are smaller than cougars. A bobcat is on average three feet from head to tale, while an adult make mountain lion can reach 7 to 8 feet in length.

Restoring Connectivity for Mountain Lion Habitat

The long-term survival of the mountain lion population in our region depends on the  ability of these animals to move between habitat regions to maintain genetic diversity and overall population health.

A solution to address this issue -- a wildlife crossing across the 101 Freeway, the biggest barrier between the Santa Monica Mountains and other large natural areas -- is currently being drafted by Caltrans.  A private fundraising initiative is raising money for the effort.  Learn more about The Wildlife Crossing Project.