Thousand Oaks' Open Space

Open Space

Thousand Oaks' Open Space System was conceptualized in the mid 1960s, at the very beginning of the City's development process,  to be a continuous and contiguous "ring" of green around the perimeter of the City.

Our open space areas are valuable habitat for native wildlife and plant species and provide vital migration corridors for wildlife to other open space areas.  These areas also help to offset the impacts of the urban heat island, maintain air quality, control water runoff, and provide opportunities for hiking, biking, horseback riding, and bird watching. Open space also defines the edge where development ends and natural land begins, thus preventing the sprawl of urbanization.  To date, nearly 15,250 acres have been protected.

If you are interested in visiting COSCA open space with a group of 25 or more individuals, reservations are required (COSCA Ordinance, Section 226). Reservations are available by contacting the Conejo Recreation and Park District -- click to call 805-495-6471.