Arroyo Conejo

The 302-acre Arroyo Conejo Open Space is located northeast of the intersection of Hillcrest Drive and Ventu Park Road. This area includes the Arroyo Conejo Nature Preserve, which is often referred to as the “barranca”, and was highlighted in the City’s original Conservation Element of the General Plan (1972) and the Conejo Canyons Study (1976) as an area with particularly important and sensitive resources. Resources include steep-sided canyons, oak woodlands, a perennial stream, and riparian vegetation which provide ideal habitat for nesting, foraging and wildlife movements. Most of this preserve is owned by COSCA, with limited access to protect the area’s resources. Trail access to this area is provided from the Rancho Conejo Playfield, which is on the east side of Ventu Park Road just north of Hillcrest Drive.

Aerial view of the Arroyo Conejo Open Space encompassing steep-sided canyons and riparian vegetation ideal for nesting wildlife