Los Robles

The Los Robles Open Space contains 358 acres located on the southerly edge of the Conejo Valley. It includes a nearly mile-long stretch of the prominent ridge line flanking the Valley, along with dense chaparral-covered slopes and some relatively flat, grassy potreros near the ridgeline where one can often see deer browsing in the early morning and late afternoon. There are several miles of trails within this open space area, and the ridgeline trails provide some of the most scenic vistas in the Valley, with panoramic views of Thousand Oaks. The principal trailhead is at the southern terminus of Moorpark Road, but secondary access is provided from trailheads at the Whole Access Trail on the west side of Greenmeadow Avenue and on Los Padres Drive. The City owns this open space area, along with the adjacent Los Robles Golf Course.

Aerial view of Los Robles Open Space showing relatively flat grasslands and gentle hiking trails