This area encompasses 173 acres around the McCrea Ranch. In 1981, a 74-acre preserve was donated as a gift to COSCA from the actor Joel McCrea and his family. This area includes rocky outcrops that are favorite roosting and nesting sites for birds of prey, as well as a deep canyon that provides a year-round water source for local wildlife and riparian vegetation. The area also supports several species of rare and endangered plants and the locally unique Conejo rock plant association. Under terms of an agreement with the McCrea family, public access to this preserve is restricted to protect sensitive resources. After the initial acquisition, the Conejo Recreation and Park District acquired an additional 33-acre lot comprising hillside grassland adjacent to the site. In 2011, the Conejo Recreation and Park District built an interpretive center that describes the ranching history of the property and the McCrea family. In 2000, the City approved Tract 5142, a residential subdivision just east of the McCrea Ranch. The tract includes a 55-acre open space lot consisting of steep hillsides and ridgeline terrain, which was transferred to COSCA, and 12 acres of privately-owned (HOA) internal open space within it.

Aerial view of McCrea Open Space, a popular nesting site for birds of prey