Family of mountain bikers riding up a gentle path on hillside

Leave No Trace

COSCA is an agency partner with the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics, a non-profit organization promoting guidelines for sustainable use of the outdoors and trails. They are known for their 7 principles of Leave No Trace. When trail visitors observe these common-sense guidelines, everyone wins with a great outdoor experience, and our natural areas are sustained for the future. These also reduce the amount of time COSCA rangers need to repair or restore damaged trails and other open space resources.

Conejo Open Space is a Proud Partner of Leave No Trace

Leave No Trace applies to our local open spaces as well as backcountry areas. Let's all work together to keep our open spaces clean, safe, and enjoyable for all. For more information about Leave No Trace ethics as they relate to your favorite outdoor activities, visit Learn more about outdoor etiquette on local trails HERE

Below are the Principles of Leave No Trace for Front Country Areas.
© Copyright  - Leave No Trace, 2021.

Stick to Trails

  • Walk and ride on designated trails to protect trailside plants.
  • Avoid stepping on flowers or small trees. Once damaged, they may not grow back.
  • Respect private property by staying on designated trail

Leave It As You Find It

  • Leave plants, rocks and historical items as you find them so others can enjoy them.
  • Treat living plants with respect. Carving, hacking or peeling plants may kill them.

Keep Wildlife Wild

  • Observe wildlife from a distance and never approach, feed, or follow them.
  • Human food is unhealthy for all wildlife and feeding them starts bad habits.
  • Protect wildlife and your food by securely storing your meals and trash.

Know Before You Go

  • Be prepared! Remember food and water, and clothes to protect you from cold, heat and rain.
  • Use maps to plan where you’re going. Check them along the way so you’ll stay on course and won’t get lost.
  • Remember to bring a leash for your pet and plastic bags to pick up your pet’s waste.
  • Learn about the areas you plan to visit. Read books, check online and talk to people before you go. The more you know, the more fun you’ll have

Trash Your Trash and Pick Up Poop

  • Pack it in, pack it out. Put litter–even crumbs, peels and cores–in garbage bags and carry it home.
  • Use bathrooms or outhouses when available. 
  • Use a plastic bag to pack out your pet’s poop to a garbage can. 

Be Careful With Fire

  • Leave anything that makes a flame at home.
  • Be aware of wildfire weather and red-flag conditions.
  • Report suspicious activities.

Share Our Trails and Manage Your Pet

  • Be considerate when passing others on the trail.
  • Keep your pet under control to protect it, other visitors and wildlife.
  • Listen to nature. Avoid making loud noises or yelling. You will see more wildlife if you are quiet.
  • Be sure the fun you have outdoors does not bother anyone else. Remember, other visitors are there to enjoy the outdoors too